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Park Dojo
Martial Arts For Kids

Teaching Young Warriors The Foundation To Martial Arts

Park Dojo

Martial Arts For Kids

Park Dojo was created and launched from The Kind Ninja, which has operated since 2015. When the transition to outdoor classes happened, we decided to pivot our business model and realized the need for an outdoor martial arts program in our area.

Founded in 2020 – in the midst of a global pandemic – Park Dojo is a one-of-a-kind experience for little warriors. We specialize in teaching kids, ages 3-7 years old, the basic foundation of mixed martial arts. Kids learn in safe, kid-friendly, open-air environments at parks and neighborhoods in and around the Charlotte Metro.

We also offer limited classes for kids ages 5-10 years old as well (great for returning kids and kids more progressed in their martial arts journey). Please check the class schedule tab to view current class offerings.

Park Dojo's Mission

At Park Dojo, we seek to inspire and foster young martial artists to be Brave, Kind, and Ambitious. Our goal is to lay a solid foundation and cultivate an understanding and love for basic martial arts so our program participants can be prepared for extended martial arts programs in the future.

From Our Founder Alyssa:

“Park Dojo prides itself on teaching classes that are not intimidating or overly intense. Our goal is to promote a lifelong love for martial arts – not an instant world champion or rapid black belt. Martial arts is a journey full of ups and downs, personal growth, and self-mastery.”


Why It's Important

Our warrior program is very unique compared to traditional martial arts academies - we help our students learn at their own pace in an encouraging and empowering environment.

By operating without brick and mortar, we pass on the savings to you!
There's No Contract - Cancel or freeze memberships anytime. We understand kids' interests are ever-changing.
Conveniently Located
We have multiple locations in and around Charlotte and the surrounding areas.
Positive Social Interaction
Students and families get to gather for quality time outdoors!
Promoting Growth
Park Dojo promotes growth through reward and recognition. Students strive to excel to earn stripes and belt promotions.
Improved Overall Health
Students improve physical, mental, and spiritual wellness when regularly attending classes.

The Grass is our Dojo

Park Dojo

Now Enrolling for Fall 2021 sessions in the Charlotte, NC & Surrounding Neighborhoods

Open to ages 3-10 years old

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