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The Park Dojo Professors

Master Alyssa Forgach

Her excitement and passion for the martial arts are apparent in her teaching and connection with her students. She enjoys helping students realize their potential and watching their confidence grow. Alyssa currently trains in Brazilian Jiujitsu under Prof Marlon and enjoys competing locally. Her goal is to now earn her black belt in BJJ. She currently holds a 4th dan (master) in Taekwondo.

Professor Marlon Loor Vera

Professor Marlon encourages his students to compete in tournaments to learn how to perform under pressure, the closest scenario to a real self-defense situation. Prof Marlon is a 6x Pan Am Champion and 2019 No-Gi world champion and multiple-time IBJJF Open champion. He received his 1st degree and 2nd-degree black belt from Prof Andre Gala, 6x ADCC champion and multiple-time world champion.

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Take A Look Around

Please take a look at our current class schedule under Class Schedule – we offer many convenient locations around the Charlotte metro area – each class is only 40 mins in length and taught by a trained martial arts instructor.

Once you select a class you are interested in joining, please sign up for our monthly membership (no contracts) and there is a one-time registration fee per student. the $35 registration fee includes a belt, t-shirt, and a few student goodies!

Please find more information about the Class Schedule and Membership Info under their sections.

The Grass Is Our Dojo

We embrace nature and open-air, our little warriors are not afraid to train in natural elements.

However, the safety of our warriors is our priority! Parents and students will be communicated accordingly in the event of
class cancellation due to severe weather.

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Our Curriculm

Our age-appropriate curriculum focuses on a combination of Fitness, Movement, Mindset, and Martial Arts.

Our curriculum is created by Alyssa and World BJJ Champion, Marlon Loor Vera.

Classes at Parks

Many of our classes are hosted at the wonderful parks in and around Charlotte. This is our most common type of class. This type of class invites all the nearby community to join in. This is great to meet other kids of similar age – all living in the same vicinity.

Classes at Local Neighborhoods

This is a great option for parents who want to set-up a neighborhood group to invite kids of similar age in and around the neighborhood. Please keep in mind we need a dedicated parent coordinator – this person will be our main contact if anything changes for sessions. In order to set this up, we need an open space (large playground area, clubhouse area, or a large backyard) to host. Also, we need at least 7-8 kids enrolled in memberships for this. We look forward to working with you. If you have any questions, please reach out to Alyssa at

Private Birthday Events

This is only offered on Saturdays and for an enrolled student only (friends can attend who are not part of the program). Alyssa will be available for a 45 min lesson which includes board breaking for each attendant. Pricing also includes a 1-week free pass for each attendant and a special birthday gift. Pricing is $125 for 1-10 kids in attendance, $200 for 11-20 kids in attendance, and an additional $10 per kid over the 20 attendance. Parents are welcome to host birthday parties at their location of choice. Please email Alyssa at to book in advance.

The Grass is our Dojo

Park Dojo

Now Enrolling for Fall 2021 sessions in the Charlotte, NC & Surrounding Neighborhoods

Open to ages 3-10 years old